HR 163 Digital Natives / R - Split (c49)

On the A side, Jeffry Astin serves up more delectable loops of psychedelia, in a set that is a steadfast continuation in the Digital Natives mythos. Plunging headfirst into familiar yet freshly new terrain, the typically expansive approach to sound that has been employed in the project’s past is still all present here. Layers of extracts taken from a myriad of musical styles and non-musical sound coalesce to form an ever-shifting auditory expanse for the listener to indulge in. Bury your head in the sand, fall into the gravitational void and exit this physical realm.

On the flip side, Raymond Reitano brings the disorienting shrapnel shroud of his R project. The sounds flow in and dissipate, continually shifting yet remaining all the same. The guise of the recognizable is still present, but it’s broken down, crushed, scorched, and then glued back together in a manner that hearkens back to what it once was, but with a welcoming embrace of its new form. Nothing is safe, and it should all be destroyed and then rebuilt. Let us try again; hopefully we don’t trip on the first step out.
platinum mirror reflective tapes encased within jewelry boxes, each decorated with hand-cut artwork  
edition of 22